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Melanie de Castro Pugh is an innovative silversmith.

Almost entirely self-taught, she turns mad ideas into precious metal with a passion that quite frankly terrifies all who know her.

She says it’s a good way to avoid doing any housework. She’ll be delighted to work with you to design and create something special, just get in touch.

She works in conjunction with her husband Jay, who does most of the filing and polishing of the handwriting bangles, leaving her to get on with the arty-farty stuff…

“Seirian (say it say-ree-an) is the Welsh word for glittering or sparkling. My jewellery is created with hammers and fire in a little purple shed in the heart of the beautiful Rhondda valley in South Wales with love, passion and just a touch of madness! I work with gold, silver, copper and brass, although silver is my speciality – combining metal with precious stones, Welsh slate, wood and glass. After heating, the red hot metal is quenched in a bucket of Welsh rainwater – each piece soaks up a little Welshness which is locked into the metal forever.

My silver and gold is assayed at Goldsmiths’ Hall in London and carries a full set of UK hallmarks.”




  1. Hi Melanie, would it be possible to have a wide copper bangle engraved with “Elirie….Live,Laugh,Love ”
    It’s for my daughter and she would prefer it in English as opposed to Welsh…I like the Welsh but I won’t be wearing it!
    I understand it costs £25…is this correct?



  2. That’s great thanks…will do, Pat

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