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20130916-215350.jpgUnique to our resident silversmith, you can capture yours or your loved ones’ writing on a beautiful piece of custom made jewellery. Many of us have kept letters and cards from people we loved who are no longer with us, but paper and card is so fragile… Why not remember that person by immortalising their handwriting on a piece of jewellery?  Maybe get your children or grandchildren to write on it as a keepsake for yourself or a gift for another. A toddler’s scrawl makes a unique and fun pattern! You can decorate one side or both, it’s all included in the price.

We can work from writing on the metal itself, or make a template from a letter or card. All you need to do is send me a photo or scan of the piece of writing you want to capture, one continuous line is best, but we can rearrange it in Photoshop to fit on a bangle. We have a long thin strip that measures 21x1cm to work with, and of course, both sides. If you would like to write on the metal, we will send you a strip of your chosen metal and a fine marker pen. Use the pen to write whatever you want – a favourite quote, verse or song lyric perhaps?  Then just send it back and we’ll engrave it, bend and solder it into a bangle, and smooth and polish it.

Silver bangles will then be sent to Goldsmith’s Hall in London for hallmarking, copper and brass straight back to you.

SIZING: My standard size is a 21cm strip of 1cm wide metal. I can make this longer or shorter to suit, simply scrunch your hand into the position you’d have it to put a bangle on and measure around the widest part to get your size.

Please allow three weeks for making your silver bangle and a week for copper and brass. The bangles in the photographs are for guidance only, written by a lovely boy for his mum 🙂


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